SB Sustainable business

Overview and objective

The Sustainable business learning module will walk the learner through building a sustainable business model, understanding business environment and customer behavior. The module is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, students and other stakeholders, who are interested in building more knowledge in the areas of business model innovation (BMI), business environment, sustainability and customer understanding.

SB1 Introduction to MMSB

By following the instructions of Motion Model for Sustainable Business (MMSB) tool, companies may develop their business models towards more sustainable and resilient businesses. The model can be used also to evaluate and to build new business ideas.

SB2 Tools for understanding

In this module you may learn and utilize some tools for understanding customers and competitors. Do you study existing and potential customers’ behavior as a basis for new products and services? If you are not already doing so or want to learn more, here are some tips on how to go about it.

SB3 Netscouting

Netscouting is a better version of googling. It is a systematic method to gather data of competitors, services, customer experiences etc. When doing netscouting, it is necessary to define in advance the parameters that will be used as accurately as possible and during the information search document carefully.

SB4 Understanding the business environment

One useful tool for studying those external factors that affect an organization and your business is PESTE analysis. It is a simple framework that facilitates an understanding of the wider business environment and encourages the development of external and strategic thinking. It can help strategic decision-making as well as new product and service development.

SB5 Customer research interviews

By interviewing your customers and understanding better your value delivery, the new service and product launches are more likely to succeed. Interviews can also reveal great possibilities and possible bottlenecks in business operations. Interviewing customers increases your knowledge of both the business and your customers but where do you start?

Table of Contents