Teach with MOTION

As a teacher, there are several ways you can utilize the MOTION course: 

  • Link the course contents as a source or supplemental material for your own courses 
  • Integrate the contents of the MOTION course into your own lessons  
  • Download templates from the Extra materials and Toolkit pages  
  • Join MOTION Online Community on LinkedIn and share your experiences or ask for help. This community serves as a space to meet like-minded people and find potential partners and experts for further collaboration. 

Before diving into the course, take some time to explore it in its entirety and decide how to best use it. Whether you choose to incorporate individual modules, sections, or the entire package, be sure to carefully read the instructions before getting started. 

How to proceed 

You can freely link the MOTION materials to your own courses. Using the MOTION materials is simple, as students do not need any user accounts and the course pages are accessible to all. Please note that the course pages and videos are licensed under a CC-BY-NC-ND license, meaning you can share the content (while properly attributing the original creator) but cannot alter it or use it for commercial purposes. 

MOTION is a self-paced course and does not include assignments or tasks for students. However, to ensure students are engaged and absorbing the material, you can create assignments related to specific content, or assign more applied tasks where students are required to name the references. Students can also self-explore MOTION course or collaborate and discuss the course content with their peers. Ask students to return assignments to your learning platform or email and take care of the grading. 

We hope the MOTION course inspires you to develop your own teaching practices. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback and experiences with the MOTION community on LinkedIn. We’re excited to see how you integrate the course materials into your lessons! 


You can download MOTION badges and use them in your learning platform or web site with the link to MOTION online course. When the students have completed the modules, they can download the online course badge for their own use.