Intensive Study programs

What are Intensive Study Programs?

MOTION organizes five Intensive Study Programs during the lifecycle of the project. ISPs are intensive weeks where both teaching, learning and developing activities are incorporated. Students and teachers work intensively for the whole time in an Intensive Study Program. The Erasmus Strategic Partnerships funding covers basic expenses for the participants in the ISP.

Why do we run ISPs?

It is important that students and teachers are committed to cooperate with local businesses in the project. The main activities carried out during an ISP focuses on learning, coaching and developing. Students work in international teams and are coached by teachers from all different partners. The ISP offers training to students to learn about how to develop new sustainable service solutions with Futures & Design Thinking.

The learning process focuses on learning about business operations on small European regions, developing new services for the businesses there and presenting the new innovations to the clients at the end. Also, each ISP will focus on the local/regional challenges of the location of the ISP. Therefore, the results of the ISP will very much be designated to regional development by international actors.

As the project aims to develop sustainable solutions to services provided by SMEs in the regions, the students are key people to both learn and share their knowledge with the target companies. The learning events (ISPs) provide the needed skills and knowledge for the interdisciplinary group of students. Also, the students will gain knowledge and skills in how to develop sustainable services using Futures and Design Thinking.