SM3 A form of leadership for action

Sustainability as a form of leadership for action

Having decided to make your business more sustainable, you will have to initiate certain changes and demonstrate change leadership.

How to identify a change leader?

A change leader is one who takes action, motivates others to act takes responsibility and who enjoys change. An effective change leader masters communication skills, which is a critical skill in this position. Other critical skills for the change leader include the skill to facilitate and to manage projects.

Changes are important for tourism businesses, because travellers are constantly looking for new experiences, new impressions. The need to change is an important prerequisite for competitiveness.

Can change happen by itself? Yes, but a change leader gives them strategic direction.

How does a change leader transform a business? The change leader must ensure the viability of the business, preventing it from moving into the obsolete stage of the business life cycle.

People are often afraid of change. A change leader is primarily a motivating leader for his team.

Change leadership is important for business because it opens up new opportunities for business. Change leadership is favourably evaluated by investors. It also demonstrates the entrepreneur’s ability to think strategically and focus on the future, to support business innovativeness.

Change leadership helps to avoid routine in business, makes it possible to reveal employees’ skills in a different way and better respond to customer needs. Timely changes can help manage critical situations more effectively.

However, it is important to understand that the successful development of a sustainable business depends on whether the company successfully fulfils and satisfies the needs of all interested actors.

In the following video (duration 3:16 minutes) you will learn more.