Developing innovations for SMEs in tourism in Kiel and Fehmarn

Kiel and Fehmarn are popular with tourists, and they are home to many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism industry. These companies are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the visitor experience, and there are a number of ways that they can do this. With students of our partner network we developed sustainable innovations for SMEs in Kiel and Fehmarn.

One way that SMEs in tourism in Kiel and Fehmarn can innovate is by using technology to enhance the visitor experience. This could involve using virtual reality technology to provide immersive experiences of local landmarks and cultural attractions, or using apps and other digital tools to make it easier for visitors to plan and book their trips.

Another way that SMEs can innovate is by adopting sustainable tourism practices. This could involve using eco-friendly modes of transportation, such as electric bikes, or implementing green practices in their accommodations, such as energy-efficient lighting and the use of renewable energy sources.

Foto von Maxim Hopman auf Unsplash

And, SMEs in tourism in Kiel and Fehmarn can also innovate by offering unique and personalized experiences for their customers. This could involve developing custom tour packages or offering unique activities that are not available elsewhere. By thinking creatively and outside the box, these companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer a truly memorable experience for their customers.

Overall, there are many ways that SMEs in tourism in Kiel and Fehmarn can innovate and improve the visitor experience. By using technology, adopting sustainable practices, and offering unique and personalized experiences, these companies can stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve the quality of their products and services.