Sustainable Development Goals and Tourism

United Nations has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals how to support wealth while simultaneously protecting environment and the total planet. They were created to cover all the actions around the world. When considered broadly, tourism may contribute to all the Sustainable Development Goals. However, some goals are more natural and inherently embedded in the tourism business. Especially Goals 8,12, and 14 are clearly related to tourism actions. Goal 8, which is “Decent work and economic growth” reflects to the social sustainability of tourism business organisations, working culture and conditions. It also promotes the economic wealth in regions. Goal 12 for “Responsible consumption and production” emphasizes the role of both tourists and service providers. It underlines the responsibility for the individual actions. Particularly in the tourism business, supporting local production enhances economic and social wellbeing in the territory. Goal 14, which is “Life below water” highlights the responsibility to protect fragile maritime environment. 

Project MOTION has included Sustainable Development Goals as part of the teaching and working approach when designing more sustainable tourism services in these 5 destinations together with companies, local stakeholders and students.  

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