Intensive Weeks- agile ways to collaborate with companies 

Project MOTION organizes five intensive courses in regions. These are planned and implemented together with local companies and other stakeholders. Destination marketing organizations and local municipalities are invited and involved in organizing. Staff from MOTION discusses carefully in advance with these actors to ensure that they are able and interested in developing their services further. They are development-oriented, and they have the capabilities to participate in these intensive courses (ISP) as case companies. The more they are involved and committed, the more they gain! 

Co-creation in ISPs creates new or improved service ideas for local companies. These services are observed with futures eyeglasses. Companies will benefit from the collaboration since they can develop their tourism business to be even more sustainable with the help of the staff and other actors of the project. Students’ ideas and innovations are foundations for further development on behalf of the staff of MOTION.

Futures orientation and futures envisioning are critical elements of intensive weeks. After the pandemic, it is crucial to think about the tourism business from a new, fresh, and more responsible perspective. MOTION focuses on helping local businesses survive and even succeed in the futures tourism business. At the same time, it aims to improve the awareness of tourists about sustainable solutions and their roles in ensuring that their actions will support social, cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. At a general level, customers say that they are interested in sustainability, but from the point of view of actions, they do not have the knowledge and competencies to assess what they should do, how they should travel, and how they should behave during their traveling. MOTION makes sustainable tourism services more visible and accessible to diverse users.

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