International Week in Torun, Poland

During this autumn (2021) the partners have strived hard to finally implement and organize the first Intensive Study Program in Torun, Poland. The Intensive Study Program is a joint teaching and learning week, where all partners with their students participate in.

Just weeks before arriving in Torun, two partners cancelled their travel due to restrictions caused by the local situations of the pandemic in their cities. Kiel University of Applied Sciences and Klaipeda University join the study week via Zoom, and share the contents and teaching with the partners who arrived in Torun on Sunday.

The partners had created a COVID-19 Strategy. This included, for example, rapid testing of participants before arrival at the venue.

Project Assistants Mirja and Susanna with their rapid test results.

The week began on Sunday evening with the Polish hosts and their students and Finnish teachers and students preparing to meet the Spanish students in the evening after they arrive from Gdansk.

The Spanish arrival

At the same time, the German and Lithuanian participants joined the other people via Zoom.

After a lively start with activities, the evening ended with pizza in Torun.